• Welcome to iPAL!

    Please use the following information to contact us:

    Deb Thurston – Administrator
    Email: dthurston@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-546-2810

     Deb Thurston

    Becky Hitchman -- Assistant Principal
    Email:  bhitchman@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-543-6796 Ext. 4905

    Dawn Bastin Hernandez – 9-12 Facilitator
    Email: dbastin@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-537-5506 



    Jaki Gosch – K-8 Facilitator
    Email:  jgosch@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-537-4049


    Tana Beeghly - Secretary
    Email:  tbeeghly@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-543-6765


    Claudia Medina -- MS-HS Clerk
    Email:  cmedina@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-416-7235


    Yvonne Zayas -- K5 Clerk
    Email:  yzayas@psd1.org
    Phone:  509-873-1088



    iPAL School Locations:

    Location:  Elementary and Middle School
    McLoughlin Middle School
    2803 Road 88
    Pasco, WA

    Location:  High School Only
    New Horizons High School
    2020 W Argent Road
    Pasco, WA