• Welcome to the New Teacher Mentorship Program!

    The foundational piece of this partnership is to build relationships that are fostered in trust, belonging, reflective practice and capacity building. Our goal is to create an environment where colleagues feel safe to ask questions, grow and develop the skills, strategies, and practices to support the success of our “new to the profession” educators in service of our students. 

    “What we do for new teachers, we do for their students. What we fail to do for new teachers, we fail to do for their students.”​​- Marcy Yoshida, OSPI

    Professional Development Calendar

    GLAD Resources


    District Mentors:

  • Melanie Primus

    Phone: (509) 543-6700,
    ext. 2381

    Email: mprimus@psd1.org


    Supporting Teachers at:

    • Chiawana High School
    • Delta High School
    • New Horizons High School
    • Pasco High School
    • McLoughlin Middle School
    • Ochoa Middle School
    • Stevens Middle School
    • Reynolds Middle School
    • PIXeL & iPAL



  • Lee Delamora

    Phone: (509) 543-6700,
    ext. 2281

    email: odelamora@psd1.org


    Supporting Teachers at:

    • Captain Gray STEM
    • Chess
    • Curie STEM
    • Emerson
    • Franklin STEM
    • Frost
    • Robinson
    • Twain
    • PIXeL & iPAL

    *Dual Teachers

  • Amanda Russell

    Phone: (509) 543-6700,
    ext. 2809

    email: arussell@psd1.org


    Supporting Teachers at:

    • Angelou
    • Livingston
    • Longfellow
    • Markham
    • McClintock STEM
    • McGee
    • Whittier
    • Early Learning Center
    • PIXeL & iPAL

    *SPED Teachers

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