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Mathematics year-at-a-glance documents

K-12 Mathematics Learning Standards

  • Washington State Learning Standards for Mathematics (Common Core State Standards); a color-coded version of the Washington State Learning Standards for Mathematics

    Visit the Common Core State Standards website or OSPI's Mathematics Teaching & Learning webpage for more information.

    The Coherence Map, a resource designed by the authors of the CCSS-M (achievethecore.org), assists K-8 teachers in at least three ways.  Build student understanding by linking together concepts within and across grades.  Identifies gaps in a student’s knowledge by tracing a concept back through its logical pre-requisites.  Visualize and understand how the additional and supporting standards relate to the major work of the grade.

    The Estándares Estatales Comunes de Matemáticas is a translation of the Washington State Learning Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) and follows the exact outline as the English version for grades K-12.

    English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards

    Visit OSPI’s Migrant and Bilingual Education Webpage for more information.

Vocabulary Resources (Cards)

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