• Are you a PHS Grad?
    New Pasco High School Alumni Website!!!

    Attention all Pasco Bulldog Alumni! Sandra Green Reuther ('63) has generously taken time to set up a Pasco High School alumni group on yahoo.com. This replaces the former newsletter and will allow the sharing of memories with fellow Bulldogs. Instructions on how to join the group are on the PHS Alumni home page @

    The new e-mail address is PaschHSAlumni@yahoogroups.com, but you need to join the group before you can start sending e-mails to the group.

    ** E-mail newsletters through PHS Alumni On-Line were suspended April 29, 2003. This web site:
    http://phsbulldogsonline.tripod.com/newsletter_archives.htm remains to archive nearly 2 years of shared Pasco Bulldog memories. Please visit and join the PHS Alumni Yahoo Group to share more memories and to keep in touch with other Pasco Bulldog alumni.**