• Emergency Contact

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 4/29/2019

    Emergency Contact  Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

    Penny Lee is finally experiencing college and is one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a writer. She is beyond happy with the new life being at college gives her despite her overbearing mother and high maintenance roommate. Sam is stuck in a rough spot in his life. He is unsure of his future, his living situation, and of how to avoid his ex-girlfriend aka current love of his life. With dreams of becoming a film director, Sam is slowly trying to make it through the crap situation he is currently in. When Penny and Sam meet, it’s awkward and a bit ridiculous, nothing like the Hollywood love story Sam one day hopes to direct. Yet when Penny rescues Sam from a humiliating anxiety attack, they decide to be each other’s emergency contacts, contacts that soon turn into each other’s confidantes. The two friends cement their friendship via text as they attempt to maneuver through life. Will they go beyond just being friends or are their lives too messy to be involved with one another? This is a funny and honest story of two messed up people trying to find their own piece of happiness in the world. It will have you laughing and tearing up as you join Penny and Sam on the roller coaster ride that is their lives.  

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  • The Window

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 4/22/2019

    The Window  The Window by Amelia Brunskill

    Anna and Jess are sisters who are as close as twin sisters could be, or at least that’s what Jess always assumed. When Anna dies after falling from her window after attempting to sneak back into her room; Jess realizes she didn’t really know her sister at all. Jess’ life begins to unravel as she is forced to relearn everything about her sister that she thought she knew. Jess begins to investigate Anna’s life, where she was going that night and who was she trying to see. The investigation takes a winding path that consumes Jess. She must move out of her comfort zone to talk to those she normally wouldn’t as she slowly pulls apart every aspect of her sister’s life. As her investigation continues Jess starts to unravel many of Anna’s secrets, but Anna isn’t the only one with secrets and Jess soon realizes some truths aren’t meant to be uncovered. This story is filled with so many twists and turns that the reader will constantly be questioning what will happen next.   

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  • Reawakened Trilogy

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 4/15/2019

    reawakened trilogy Reawakened Trilogy by Colleen Houck

    In Reawakenedmain character Lilliana Young simply wanted a day to explore the Museum of Arts while figuring out where her life was headed. However, what she found that day was handsome Egyptian prince Amon who had just woken up after 1,000 years of being a mummy. Strange? Not nearly as strange as the adventure she goes on the newly reawakened prince. Lilliana and Amon awaken Amon’s brothers attempting to save the world from a shape-shifting god named Seth. Working with Amon Lilliana discovers she is capable of more than she ever imagined as she helps her Sun prince to defeat Seth’s evil plans. After stopping Seth, Amon and Lily tragically part in Recreated where Amon transported himself to the Netherworld. Before they were ripped from one another, Amon gave something precious to Lily that connected them through the realms enabling Lily to dream of Amon while he is in the Netherworld. Through these dreams, Lily can see that Amon is being tortured and continually suffering. With the help of this special gift Lily soon embarks on a journey to save the love of her life. However, in the third and final book, Reunited, Lily does not remember anything from her adventures with Amon. She is completely in the dark when it comes to all that has occurred. Yet she now has the power to defeat Seth and save the world once again. On her final journey through the cosmos and across the plains of Egypt, she faces her most difficult trials and tribulations. Will she be able to defeat evil once and for all? What will come of her love for her sun prince? Will she be able to remember the love of her life or will she start anew with someone unexpected? This trilogy is a magnificent adventure-packed thriller that will have you wanting more. 

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  • No Good Deed

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 10/31/2018 9:00:00 AM

    no good deed book cover  No Good Deed by Kara Connolly

    Ellie Hudson is a renowned archer trying to make it on to the Olympic archery team. When exploring the caverns under Nottingham castle after a rough try-out, she ends up being transported to the Middle Ages. Navigating the past while trying to find a way back to her own future, Ellie can’t help but want to help the suffering people of Nottingham. With the skills she has Ellie knows she can make a difference.  She chooses to live like an outlaw getting, after all it worked for Robin Hood. She ends up getting involved with a devilishly handsome knight hoping to better the people’s lives, but will she end up blurring the lines between the past and her future too much to let go when the time comes?

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  • The Lies They Tell

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 10/24/2018 9:00:00 AM

    the lies they tell book cover The Lies They Tell by Gillian French

    A mysterious fire that killed a family of five leaving only the eldest son alive haunts Pearl Haskins. While no one knows how the fire started, Pearl’s father, who was the caretaker, is considered the most likely suspect.  Disgraced he is slowly burying himself in a liquor bottle to deal with the implications of that night. Struggling with the events that haunt not only her family, but the entire town, Pearl takes it upon herself to try to figure out what happened and who is responsible for the tragedy. However, the closer she gets to the summer boys of Tenney Harbor in her attempt to learn the truth, the more Pearl realizes that not everything is as pristine as she thought. Will she be able to discover what really happened or will the lies consume her as well as the truth?

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  • Ash Princess

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 10/17/2018 9:00:00 AM

    ash princess book cover  Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian  

    Theodosia lost everything when the Kalovaxians invaded her land. She witnessed not only her mother’s murder, but her people’s enslavement. Ten years after the conquering of her kingdom, Theo is known as the Ash Princess or Lady Thora to those in the castle. She has been humiliated and beaten down into compliancy. However, after being forced to murder someone from her past, Thora makes the decision to fight not only for her life, but for the lives of her people. Theo slowly works to build up a resistance from inside her gilded cage, as she works to become the queen Astrea needs. This story will have you at the edge of your seat reading every life or death decision Theo makes to save not only herself, but her kingdom and people as well.

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  • Once and For All

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 3/28/2018

    Once and for all  Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

    Working as a wedding planner’s assistant Louna knows all about making the perfect wedding happen and everything that goes into it. However, knowing everything there is to know about weddings, doesn’t mean Louna knows everything about love. Working her final summer before heading off to college, Louna expects to be busy with work as usual until the energetic, flirtatious, Ambrose enters her life. Suddenly things that Louna didn’t let impact her mean something different with Ambrose around. Working together throughout the summer, Louna begins to deal with her relationship issues and experiences more of life than she thought possible. In the end, will Louna trust her heart or her head when it comes to love?

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  • Witch Hunter Series

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 3/21/2018

    witch hunter  The Witch Hunter and The King Slayer by Virginia Boecker

    In Witch Hunter, the first in a two-book series, Elizabeth Gray starts out as one of the best witch hunters in the kingdom. However, after being accused of being a witch, Elizabeth is sentenced to death by burning at the stake. Hopeless and left in a cell awaiting her execution, Elizabeth is rescued by an unexpected savior, the most wanted wizard in the land, Nicholas Perevil. Suddenly, she is thrust into a world full of the very people she has spent years hunting. As Elizabeth spends time with these “enemies,” she comes to learn that not everything is as she knew it to be. She will soon be forced to make difficult decisions regarding not only her past, and present, but the fate of her future as well. She and her new friends go through trials of trust and heartache as they figure out what to do to stop the spread of a deadly curse on Nicholas and hopefully stop a civil war that is brewing. In the second book, The King Slayer, Elizabeth loses her stigma, a tattoo that can protect the bearer from harm as well as strengthen them. She continues to struggle to find her place in this world full of former enemies. As the story unfolds, Elizabeth and the others desperately try to survive the war and Elizabeth soon learns that “war always means sacrifice”. As the lines between good and evil blur once more, Elizabeth must decide just how far she'll go to save those she loves.

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  • Goodbye Days

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 1/24/2018

    goodbye days  Goodbye Days By Jeff Zentner

    Carver Briggs believes he’s a murderer, and not just any murderer, he believes he killed his three best friends. Dealing with the repercussions of the fatal car accident that claimed Mars, Eli, and Blakes’ lives takes a toll not only on Carver but the entire community. With the hounding of a local judge, Carver now could face murder charges. Trying to stay out of jail and continue to function at school Carver tries his hardest to keep his head down and just get through his senior year. To heal, he begins spending “goodbye days” with the family members of his best friends. Some go well and others don’t go as well as hoped, but Carver begins to learn how to forgive himself for the role he played that fateful night. With the help of unlikely allies, will Carver be able to move on with his life or will he forever be tainted by the single worse night of his life?

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  • There's Someone Inside Your House

    Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 1/17/2018

    someone inside yourhouse  There's Someone Inside Your House By Stephanie Perkins

    Moving to land-locked Nebraska to live with her grandmother was not where Makani imagined life would lead her. Makani begins to wonder just how much longer she has left of this new life as it takes a turn for the worse when it becomes obvious a serial killer is on the loose murdering her classmates one by one in a gruesome manner. Makani reconnects with an old flame wondering if he will be the one to help her or if he has a more sinister motive for returning to her life. As the murders become more frequent, Makani is forced to face the demons from her past that brought her to Nebraska in the first place and may be the reason for her becoming a target. This thrilling tale will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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