Curriculum Review and Renewal


    This year, eight committees comprised of 65 teachers, specialists, administrators, parents, and community members are meeting as part of our ongoing curriculum materials review process.  Each committee will meet weekly with a common goal to provide the most up-to-date, research based and appropriate materials for our students.  Current curriculum materials aligned to standards is essential for creating a common and quality learning experience for students in Pasco.  Our talented teachers use such materials to move students to the mastery of foundational concepts, application and deeper thinking. 

    Curriculum in review and adoption for 2016-17:  Leadership, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Visual Arts and World Languages. 

     How does the materials review process work?

    The process is defined by law, District policy and the Pasco Association of Educators Contract. A committee is comprised of content-area teachers, administrators, and parents. The committees review, district, state and national standards and current research on best practices to develop an aligned scope and sequence with common assessment. The committees conduct surveys of staff, parents and students to gather feedback relevant to the content area and grade level. Once needs are identified from research, surveys and an analysis of alignment, the committee reviews and screens potential published and on-line materials. Publishers are invited to submit materials which are evaluated using an established scoring tool and screened for bias.

    Once the selection is narrowed to no more than three, staff and the community are invited to preview the materials and provide comments. Next, the committee considers all factors from scoring results, research and stakeholder input to make a final selection and recommend their top choice to the Instructional Review Committee (IMC). The IMC reviews the process, ensures that the content is appropriate for the students’ age level and the evidence supports the recommendation. The IMC’s recommendation then goes before the Board of Directors which has the option to approve the adoption. 

     Adoption Timeline

    September 30, 2016  Finalize committee selection of committee members

    October 13, 2016  Begin review process and conduct needs assessment

    November 15, 2016  Complete needs assessment and select content components to move forward in the review process

    February 2017 Select up to three materials for stakeholder input based on pre-screening results

    February 2017 Deliver materials to buildings for staff and parent review

    Feb-Mar 2017 Analyze comments from stakeholders, score materials and make final decision

    March 15, 2017 Provide a recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)

    April 15, 2017 IMC recommends materials for adoption to the Board of Directors

    May 15, 2017 Board of Directors approves adoption or retains the current curriculum until future approval

    2016-17 Planning Calendar 

      Visit each committee page to view agendas, minutes, vendor links to materials under consideration for adoption and other related information.   

       Questions or Comments on Materials, Curriculum Review, IMC, Adoption Policies

    Email curriculum@psd1.org  or contact (509) 546-2659