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     Elementary #16 Conceptual Drawings


Three Rivers Elementary Dedication: 11/4/19

  • Pasco School District dedicated Three Rivers Elementary, its 16th elementary school, on November 4, 2019. Principal Jamie Bacon and Assistant Principal Wade Barrow led the ceremony which included performances from several student groups at the school. PSD School Board Members Sherry Lancon, Steve Christensen, Scott Lehrman, and Aaron Richardson joined Superintendent Michelle Whitney and Student Board Representative Maksim Karazhbei for the official ribbon-cutting.

    More than 250 people attended the event, which included an open house and school tours prior to the dedication ceremony.

    three rivers elementary dedication  three rivers elementary dedication  three rivers elementary dedication  three rivers elementary dedication  three rivers elementary dedication  three rivers elementary dedication

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: August 2019 (video)

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: 6/3/19

  • Three Rivers Elementary Principal Jamie Bacon recently took a tour of the Three Rivers Elementary construction site with PSD Executive Director of Capital Projects Randy Nunamaker.

    Bacon toured the gymnasium and cafeteria area, and also visited the front office area. She also checked out the library and a couple of classrooms. Construction work continues to be on time and Three Rivers Elementary will be ready to welcome its first students this fall.

    Three Rivers Elementary cafeteria/stage  Three Rivers Elementary office  Three Rivers Elementary library  Three Rivers Elementary classroom  Three Rivers Elementary classroom

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: May 2019 (video)

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Team

  • Three Rivers Elementary Construction Team Photo  

    A big "thank you" to our Three Rivers Elementary construction team, including primary contractor Fowler Construction and Architect/Design Team Design West Architects.

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: Jan. 2019 (video)

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: 12/7/18

  • Construction work continues at the new Three Rivers Elementary. Structural steel has been going up for the east wing classrooms, and concrete is being poured on the second floor for the west wing classrooms.

    Walls are also beginning to take shape. The contractor is working to complete the classroom framing soon, and to finish pouring the concrete for the second floor.

    Structural steel at Elementary 16  Concrete floor at Elementary 16  2nd floor walls at Elementary 16  2nd floor concrete at Elementary 16

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: 10/26/18

  • Construction work continues on the Elementary #16 worksite. In these photos you can see that crews have leveled the ground and are preparing to lay the concrete that will become the floor for the east wing classrooms. The piping for the chilled water cooling system is also being installed.

    Fowler Construction is also staging for masonry block to begin. Structural steel for the building will be on site soon which means we'll soon see the walls start to go up for the building.

    Floor for east wing classrooms  Piping for cooling system  Staging for Masonry block  Staging for masonry block

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: 10/4/18

  • Crews continue to make good progress at the Elementary #16 construction site. As you can see in these photos, the extension of Massey Drive that flanks the south end of the school campus has now been paved. Waterproofing material has also been applied to the foundation walls of the school. Workers have also laid down the concrete base floor for the gymnasium. Crews are also installing the infrastructure for the main electrical room, and they've started working on the west end of the classroom wing. Administrators tell us that the project is moving along well, right on schedule.

    Massey Drive has been paved.  Waterproofing has been applied to the foundation.  crews laying concrete floor for gymnasium  Crews installing infrastructure for electrical room.  crews working on classroom wing.

Three Rivers Elementary Construction Update: 9/4/18

  • Construction work continues at the Elementary #16 site at the intersection of Road 84 and Massey Drive. Crews have begun pouring the concrete footings that will become the foundation for the 72,000 square-foot building. Road work continues as well as crews have started paving the new portion of Massey Drive that will lead to the front entrance of the school. These photos were taken as crews poured some on the concrete footings on August 24.

    Crews pour concrete footings for Elementary #16  Crews pour concrete footings for Elementary #16   



    (click the title below to learn more about each project)

    Columbia River Elementary (link) Replace and expand Stevens Middle School.  reynolds middle school

    (link) Safety and Health Improvements: School Sites.
    Transportation and Maintenance Facilities

Three Rivers Elementary Project Timeline

  •  Project Timeline Key
    Complete  Complete

    In Process  In Process

    Not yet started  Not Yet Started

    Complete  School Board approves educational specifications
    - September 2016 -

    Complete  School Board approves preliminary design work
    - October 2016 -

    Complete  Final design work underway
    - December 2017 -

    Complete  Design Plans reviewed
    - April 2018 -

    Complete  Sitework begins
    - May 2018 -

    Complete  Construction bids for project accepted
    - July 2018 -

    Complete  School Board awards contract to Fowler Construction
    - July 2018 -

    Complete  Groundbreaking Ceremony
    - August 2018 -

    Complete  Construction work underway
    - August 2018 -

    Complete  Construction work completed
    - August 2019 -

    Complete  School open for students
    - Late August 2019 -

    In-Depth Design/Construction Timeline for Elementary #16

    Last modified: August 27, 2019

Three Rivers Elementary Fact Sheet

  • Estimated costs for Three Rivers Elementary:
    $27.3 million

    Local Bond: $11.8 million
    State Match: $15.5 million

    • Three Rivers Elementary will be built north of Chiawana High School on Road 84. 

    • Both Three Rivers Elementary and Columbia River Elementary will be 72,000 square feet and serve approximately 800 students each.


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