-  Transportation Facilities & Maintenance Bays 

     Photo of school buses.

  • What?

    Add two pull-through bus mechanic bays

    • Replace transportation office and drivers’ areas with a single, insulated, metal building

    • Update the current maintenance facility

  • Why?

    • The district services 162 buses in just three single‐bus mechanic bays. Pasco’s ratio is 47 buses to 1 bay, compared to 25 to 1 in Kennewick and 20 to 1 in Richland.

    • The transportation office and driver facilities are housed in two portable buildings. One of those buildings is more than 30 years old (relocated from the district’s old administration center). They are undersized to adequately support more than 153 staff members.

    • The Maintenance facility supports the work of 30 maintenance workers (carpenters, plumbers, and electricians) and 75 custodians. Needed updates to the facility require compliance with current building codes, including ADA requirements, as well as additional restrooms.

  • How much?

    Maintenance Bays Estimated Cost:
    $1.6 million

    Transportation Facility Estimated Cost:
    $1.4 million


  • Transportation Facility and Maintenance Bay - Completed Spring 2023

    • 3412 Stearman Ave
    • 29,997 Sq Ft
    • Construction Team
      • Contractor – G2 Commercial Construction
      • Architect – ALSC Architects

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