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Student, Parent, and Community

  • There are 10 ways we would love students, parents, and community to be involved with PBIS.

    1. Learn what Pasco schools are doing with PBIS

    2. Students can participate with school leadership to make videos, posters, and other creative content to help students learn positive social behavior on their campuses

    3. Students can create a culture of positive peer pressure by celebrating others who demonstrate positive traits and by deflating unkind or disrespectful behavior with "we don't treat people like that around here."

    4. Anyone can solicit business and colleges to support PBIS rewards [sample letter Word doc]

    5. Parents and community members can volunteer to help with a school store, special recognition events, and campus celebrations

    6. Parents and community members can volunteer to help with recess programs, like organized games and walk/run

    7. Consider advocating for PBIS and Social Emotional Learning at the state level, email for more information

    8. Join our Advisory Council.  This group meets quarterly in October, January, and April.  We have been working this year to develop community expectations for behavior and a way to recognize students who are demonstrating these expectations.  Email for an invite to our next meeting.

    9. Parents can use PBIS at HOME strategies with your kids.  Ask your school counselor to host a workshop to learn more.

    10. Discover more about Social Emotional Learning.  Research shows that those with higher social-emotional skills have better attention skills and fewer learning problems, and are generally more successful in academic and workplace settings. Like any math or English skills, these skills can be taught and grow over time.  There are numerous free online resources to help your child build these skills.  One such resource can be found at

    We want to hear from you.  What ideas do you have for supporting positive behavior and increasing Social Emotional Learning skills?  Email your thoughts and ideas.


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