• Pasco School District allows the distribution of materials by outside organizations if they meet the following criteria as set by district policy:

    • Must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization or government agency to be able to distribute information.
    • All material must be in both English and Spanish. The district will not translate material or make copies.
    • All material must state “This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Pasco School District.”
    • All material must be submitted at least 10 days prior to date of distribution.
    • A copy of the material(s) to be distributed must be attached.
    • All material must be approved by the Public Affairs Office prior to distribution.

    Submit your form

    A copy of your flyer must be submitted with the Distribution of Materials Request Form below. Please allow 10 days for processing prior to the desired date of distribution.

    All materials must include the statement: "This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Pasco School District."

    Submit In Person or by Mail to:
    Pasco School District
    Public Affairs
    1215 West Lewis Street
    Pasco, Washington 99301

    By Email

    Flyer Distribution Request Form (PDF)