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Math PCG Update 2018

From RCD to PCG 2017

Mathematics Intervention Resources (K-6)

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Glossary of Terms

  • Procedural Fluency – flexibly (compose and decompose), accurately, efficiently using operations

    Conceptual Understanding – knowing how the math works and explaining the patterns within mathematical relationships

    Technology, Tools & Models – the degree that technology, tools, and models are incorporated to build/show understanding

    Key Vocabulary – program uses appropriate mathematical terms (academic vocabulary) in support of language development

    Productive Disposition – program promotes student buy-in to engage in a way that fosters efficacy with real-world applications. 

    Strategic Competence – student has opportunities to demonstrate multiple ways of thinking

    Student Engagement – level of student enjoyment (engagement)

    Ease of Use – amount of teacher preparation, monitoring, and managing of the program

    Program Manipulatives and Platforms – List the various manipulatives, tools, or technology platforms included/required for the intervention program

    Instructional Language – which languages do the program use

    Grade Level – grade level(s) of the program

    Duration – number of weeks, sessions per week, and minutes per session recommended for the intervention program

    Group Size – intervention group (small or individual) recommended for the program

    Cost – price of program (per class, site, grade, individual, etc.)

    Training Needs – professional development needs associated with program

    Useful Terms and Codes