• Curie STEM Elementary/Whittier Elementary:

    The following routes have been established for the 2021-22 school year. Please be aware that the times may vary due to student load and traffic. Students need to be at their stop five minutes before their stop time and should wait at least five minutes after, before calling Transportation or leaving the stop. Please note that some stops are separated by LAST name; this is due to the high number of students at that stop. You will be notified of any bussing changes during the coming year through paperwork sent home with your child.


    ROUTE: 131
    7:47 am        TIERRA VIDA LN @ LUNA DR
    7:48 am        FORTALEZA DR @ ESTRELLA DR
    7:53 am        2506 E LEWIS ST

    ROUTE: 137
    7:46 am        MANZANITA @ ENTRANCE TO APTS
    7:50 am        MANZANITA LN @ PAZ CT
    7:55 am        S ELM AVE @ E HELENA ST

    ROUTE: 108
    7:19 am        KAHLOTUS HWY @ ALDERSON RD 
    7:21 am        KAHLOTUS HWY @ LOCUST WATER RD
    7:26 am        6762 KAHLOTUS HWY (FLAT TOP RANCH)
    7:28 am        480 JAKE RD
    7:29 am        8425 KAHLOTUS HWY
    7:33 am        PETERSON RD @ KAHLOTUS HWY
    7:35 am        4871 PASCO KAHLOTUS ROAD
    7:39 am        MARTINDALE RD @ MOORE RD

    7:44 am        MARTINDALE RD@ DECKER RD
    7:46 am        MARTINDALE RD @ GREEN RD
    7:49 am        4399 KAHLOTUS HWY

    7:29 am        9315 CHAPEL HILL BLVD/ SILVER CREEK APTS
    7:47 am        MANZANITA @ ENTRANCE TO APTS
    7:50 am        ESTRELLA DR @ TIERRA VIDA LN
    7:56 am        N MAIN AVE @ E CLARK ST

    ROUTE: 177
    7:38 am        1520 N OREGON AVE
    7:46 am        TIERRA VIDA LN @ MILAGRO DR