• 100% of all 3rd graders will read on grade level in their language of instruction

    We will: 
    EXPAND partnerships with families, pre-schools, childcare providers, caregivers and community organizations to ensure early literacy learning opportunities.
    IMPLEMENT instruction aligned to the state learning standards using materials and frameworks focused on foundational skills for grades K-2.
    IDENTIFY the needs of students early and accelerate learning through targeted intervention.
    INVEST in continuing education to ensure all teachers and staff are highly skilled. 

    100% of students will pass Algebra by the end of 9th grade

    We will:
    DEVELOP a strong early math foundation through partnerships with families, preschools, childcare providers, caregivers and community organizations.
    DELIVER state learning standards using materials and frameworks focused on vertical alignment.
    PROVIDE timely intervention to accelerate student learning.
    TRANSFORM student engagement and performance in math by facilitating teachers’ and leaders’ mastery of instructional practices and concepts.

    100% of 9th graders will end the school year on track for graduation

    We will:
    ENSURE mastery of priority standards in reading and math through partnerships with families, childcare providers, and community organizations starting prior to kindergarten.
    ENGAGE students in a foundational experience aligned with the state learning standards using core materials and curriculum framework.
    CREATE an early warning system and interventions to help students get on and stay on track.
    CONNECT teachers, leaders and staff to effective strategies and professional development for facilitating achievement for high school students.

    100% of students will graduate with a career path

    We will:
    IMPLEMENT K-12 students to envision their successes through interest based programs, personalized learning, timely feedback, and comprehensive High School and Beyond plans.
    DEVELOP a high school master schedule that is student-centered and creates pathways for meeting graduation requirements.
    EXPAND partnerships with higher education institutions, community partners and industry by aligning courses with current standards for industry and post secondary degrees.

    100% of students are engaged in extracurricular activities

    We will:
    CONNECT students and families to activities outside of school that foster connections with peers and adults.
    PROVIDE a well rounded educational experience.