• CHS Spring Testing Schedule 2019 updated 3/28/19
    Testing in 60 min assembly schedule time M,T,W,&Th in the Assisigned Advisory Class
    Date Subject Class Testing    
    Feb 2nd-Feb 22nd ELPA 9th - 12th     
    March 4th SBA Window opens      
    March 18-23rd  Math or ELA  12th graders    
    April 15th-18th ELA  10th, 11th, 12th    
    April 22nd - 25th Math 10th, 11th, 12th    
    May 6th-17th AP Testing AP    
    May 21st-23rd Science Juniors    
    June 7th Window closes      
    Schedule Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday   Schedule Thursday
    Class Start-End   Class Start-End
    0 Hour 6:42-7:40   0 Hour 6:42-7:40
    1st Hour 7:45-8:43   1st Hour 7:45-8:35
    TESTING 8:49-9:49   TESTING 8:41-9:41
    2nd Hour 9:55-10:53   2nd Hour 9:47-10:37
    3rd Lunch 10:53-11:23   3rd Lunch 10:37-11:07
    3rd Hour 10:59-11:57   3rd Hour 10:43-11:33
    4th Hour 11:29-12:27   4th Hour 11:13-12:03
    4th Lunch 11:57-12:27   4th Lunch 11:33-12:03
    5th Hour 12:33-1:31   5th Hour 12:09-12:59
    6th Hour 1:37-2:35   6th Hour 1:05-1:50
    7th Hour 2:41-3:39   PLC 2:00 - 3:00

    Below is the bus schedule for PHS, Const. Trades and Tri Tech for the month of April during our two weeks of testing and assembly schedule on 4/19/19.  I have also attached our Testing Schedule.  Please post and share with students.

    PHS Bus Schedule for April 15-17 & April 22-24

    • Bus Leaves CHS at 9:55am
    • Arrives at PHS at 10:15am
    • Leaves PHS at 11:50 am
    • Arrives at CHS at 12:10pm
    • (CHS students have a little more than 15 minutes for lunch)

    PHS Bus Schedule April 18th & April 25 Regular Schedule for PHS – CHS on Testing Schedule

    • Bus Leaves CHS at 9:47am
    • Arrives at PHS at 10:10am
    • Leaves PHS at 11:05am
    • Arrive at CHS at 11:25am
    • (CHS students arrive a few minutes early for lunch at 11:33am)

    PHS Bus Schedule April 19th CHS on Assembly Schedule – PHS on Testing Schedule

    • Bus leaves CHS at 9:30am
    • Arrives at PHS at 9:50am
    • Leaves PHS at 10:50am
    • Arrives at CHS at 11:10am
    • (CHS students have a little over 15 minutes to eat)

    PHS Bus Schedule April 26th CHS on Regular Schedule – PHS on Testing Schedule

    • Bus leaves CHS at 9:30am
    • Arrives at PHS at 9:50am to start class at 9:57am
    • Bus leaves PHS at 11:35am
    • Arrives CHS at 11:55am
    • (CHS students have a little over 15 minutes to eat)

    Construction Trades Schedule for April 15-17 & April 22-24

    • Bus leaves CHS at 12:33pm
    • Bus leaves Site at 2:18pm

    Construction Trades Bus Schedule for April 18th & April 25

    • Bus leaves CHS at 12:09pm
    • Bus eaves Site at 1:32pm

    Const. Trades Bus Schedule for April 19th  – CHS Assembly Schedule

    • Bus leaves CHS at 11:33am
    • Bus leaves site at 1:29pm
    • Arrives at CHS about 1:39pm for pm Assembly

    Const. Trades Bus Schedule for April 26th – Normal Bus Schedule

    • Bus leaves CHS at 12:19
    • Bus leaves Site at 2:18pm


    • AM – Runs Normal
    • PM – Runs Normal

    Elsie Izaguirre

    • Assistant Principal Secretary
    • Chiawana High School
    • Telephone - 509-543-6786 ext. 5756

    College and Career Readiness Testing Day

    Taking part in this mandatory school day will help you acquire the information necessary to help you make post high school decisions.  Each grade level will focus on a different realm of readiness for post high school life.  Please get a good night sleep the night before, eat a healthy breakfast and come ready to show off your best academic skills.

    Schedule for Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2018 *click here for pdf version

    • 7:16 - 7:40 "O" hour
    • 7:40 - 7:45 Get all students where they need to be
    • 7:45-11:30 PSAT TEST begins in classrooms across the building @7:45 a.m. (10th & 11th grade) 
    • ASVAB in the Mall @7:45. (12th grade)
    • 9th grade divided into 4 groups and rotates from Theatre, 7 Computer labs, Large Gym and Small Gym
    • 7:45–8:35     1st session;
    • 8:40–9:30     2nd session;
    • 9:35 -10:25   3rd session;
    • 10:30-11:20  4th session.
    • 11:35-12:05      Lunch
    • 12:11-12:35      1st hour
    • 12:41-1:05        2nd hour
    • 1:11-1:35          3rd/4th hour
    • 1:41-2:05          5th hour
    • 2:11-2:35          6th hour

    **24 min classes