Big Data Bubble

Consistent Data Use and TIPS Decision Making Process

  • There is no PBIS without data.  Data informs everything we do in PBIS.

    We use Office Discipline Referral data in PowerSchool and the PowerBI Dashboard systems to know which students are displaying unexpected behaviors, where and when those behaviors are occuring, and even why they are problematic.  We use data to know if we are disciplining groups of students with disparity.  We use data to determine how to intervene.  We use data to determine which students need Tier 2 and 3 interventions, and whether those interventions are working.  

    We are not limited to Office Discipline Referral data.  We can use attendance data, passing rates, test scores, Staff surveys, student and community climate surveys, Healthy Kids surveys, observation data and more to inform our approach to problem solving.

    As our PBIS Teams become more proficient, we will more closely follow the Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) model shown in this graphic:

     TIPS Flow-Chart


    Under the TIPS model, meeting attendees have assigned roles (facilitator, note-taker, data analyst, or team member) and clearly defined responsibilities that keep meetings productive.  For more information on the TIPS process, watch this video [external link].

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