Community Group

Community involvement

  • When we involve students, families, businesses, and organizations, we not only make PBIS more sustainable, but we get their perspectives on making PBIS more culturally responsive.  Our community benefits from student positive behavior and our students benefit from reinforcement outside the school walls. 

    When we share data with the community, we increase community ownership of the challenges and increase our likelihood of finding comprehensive solutions.

    PSD holds quarterly meetings with our Advisory Council, a group of community stakeholders who support PBIS in Pasco.  This group is working to develop and refine a community behavior expectations matrix and reinforcement system that can be launched within the community in 2018-19.

    Each campus should consider inviting parents and community members to learn about PBIS systems and data and provide feedback through ATP and PTO opportunities.

    Fore more ideas about how our community can get involved with PBIS, click here.


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