• Winter Preparations - MAINTENANCE 

    When the snow falls, it’s up to our maintenance and custodial team to make sure our schools and buildings, along with the sidewalks and parking lots that surround them, are safe for our students and staff.

    Ice melt. Our maintenance team is responsible for clearing snow and ice and creating safe walking paths around our schools and buildings. Our crews received their stockpile of snow & ice melt in mid-October. They actually ordered a little extra this year because of the forecast for another tough winter.

    Snow blower Earlier this fall, mechanics tuned up all of the snowblowers that are assigned to each of our schools to make sure that they’re operating properly and ready for the winter season. Each school is also supplied with snow shovels and ice melt spreaders, and stocked up with plenty of sand and ice melt.

    Sander truck.  Our maintenance department also contracts out with local snowplow operators to plow some of the bigger parking lots at some of our schools. The arrangements with those contractors were finalized in September. The District has two trucks that are mounted with sanders and they are loaded up and ready to be used. One is stationed at Chiawana High School and the other is stationed at the Maintenance building on Stearman Ave.

    snow plow 1

    The district also has several snowplows that can be mounted on pickup trucks for plowing parking lots, playgrounds, etc. All of those plows were mounted and tested in October. They are off the vehicles now but can be easily installed before the first storm arrives.

    Our maintenance team members have also been briefed on their snow & ice clearing assignments for the winter. Each maintenance team member will be assigned to a group of schools and buildings, and will be responsible for clearing the ice and snow from walking paths around those buildings whenever a storm hits.