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Delays & Closures

When there is no notification posted, schools are running as normal.

When Pasco School District is deciding whether to delay or cancel classes because of inclement weather, several factors are considered, including: 

  • Road conditions and the ability of buses, families, and staff members to get to school safely. 
  • Ability of school district maintenance crews to clear parking lots, bus loops and sidewalks around the schools.
  • Worsening weather conditions and the forecast.

We will only alter the regular school schedule when it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

Timing or Delay of Closure Announcements

Every effort is made to announce closures or delays by 5:30 am. If conditions change after the decision is made to delay school, it is possible that the district may cancel school. We will try to make a final decision by 7:30 am, or shortly thereafter. If a change is made, an updated alert will be sent out as soon as possible.
  • By 3 am, District officials drive bus routes which include city streets, highways, and rural roads. They also contact City and County road crews at this time.
  • By 4:30 am, Superintendent Michelle Whitney is briefed by District officials with the latest information on road conditions, weather forecasts and traffic conditions. She also consults with neighboring school district superintendents.
  • By 5 am a decision is made to proceed as usual or to delay or cancel school.
  • By 5:30 am, communications will be sent out.

If there is a cancellation or delay, you can find that information in the following places:

If there is no mention on the district website of delays or closures, schools are running on time.

Road conditions in the district can vary depending on where you live. The District supports a parent’s or guardian’s decision to pick their child up early or to not send their child to school. Absences will be considered excused via the regular protocols.

Two-Hour Delay

  • School buses will run on a 2-hour delay as specified.
  • Breakfast is canceled.
  • AM Preschool and ECEAP classes are canceled.
  • AM Tri-Tech Skills Center classes are canceled.
  • High School zero-hour classes are canceled.
  • AM sports practices are canceled.
  • Daytime classes at the Parent Education Center are canceled. 

Three-Hour Delay

To provide more opportunities for the District to hold school, a 3-hour delay option has been added as a possible alternative. 

Athletics, After-School Activities, and Other School Events

If school is closed, all out-of-district transportation, meetings, field trips, after-school activities, practices, and games will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. All evening meetings and events scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled.

Releasing Students Early on Snow Days

We do not send children home early in the event of snow or ice. This would be extremely difficult due to the challenge of notifying all parents/guardians and ensuring there is an adult at home or elsewhere to supervise children. A parent or guardian may pick their child up early if they choose and provide a notification to the office.

Cold Weather and Outdoor Recess

The District’s policy on recess in cold weather follows the Child Care Weather Watch guidelines that were produced with assistance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

These guidelines also apply during the time before the start of the school day. If outside temperatures are 20 degrees or below, students will be allowed to enter the school as soon as they arrive in the morning.