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1112 - Board Member Resignation Policy

Policy 1112


Board Member Resignation

Upon receipt of a director's written resignation, the board shall consider the resignation at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The board shall then accept the resignation by formal action and declare the board position vacant unless the resignation is withdrawn any time prior to the board's action.

If a board member’s permanent residence ceases to be in the school district and the director ceases to be a registered voter of the district, the director shall resign immediately.

Legal Reference: RCW 28A.343.340 Directors — When elected — Eligibility
RCW 29A.04.151 Residence
RCW 28A.343.350 Residency
RCW 28A.343.370 Vacancy
RCW 42.12.010 Causes of Vacancy

Adoption Date: October 21, 200