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1133 - Community Committee Service Policy

Policy 1133


Community Committee Service

One of the primary responsibilities of the Pasco School District Board is to (a) provide the community access to information about the decisions and programs of the Pasco School District and (b) provide the Pasco School District with advocacy among community and governmental entities that may benefit or further the District goals.

As such, Board Members have the option to serve on boards, participate in meetings, or attend events sponsored by Pasco community, institutional, and association entities. This service shall be described as Community Committee Service. Community Committee Service is defined as any committee position, community/District liaison position, or participation in the activities of any association, organization, institute, business, non-profit, or special interest entity that could or does have direct or indirect influence on the District Outrageous Outcomes and goals.

In order to best accommodate and strategically coordinate Board Member representation at as many community meetings, functions, and events as possible the following procedures shall be employed by the Pasco School District Board Members:

  1. The Superintendent shall provide a list of the important stakeholder associations, organizations, institutes, business, non-profit, and special interest entities to the Board at least annually.
  2. Board members should review and adopt a yearly calendar identifying which Board Member(s) will participate in which stakeholder groups and events. The Superintendent shall then create the calendar and provide it to the Board Members electronically.
  3. The Board shall endeavor to provide representation at most or all key stakeholder events and avoid duplication or exclusion of Board Member participation.
  4. The Board shall endeavor to share duties of representation so that the same Board Member does not act as the exclusive Board representative to a stakeholder group.
  5. The Board Member shall be responsible for influencing the stakeholder group to support or advance the District Outrageous Outcomes and goals.
  6. The Superintendent shall provide talking points for Board members to use as they attend meetings for consistency in messaging.
  7. The Board Member shall be prepared to serve as the formal liaison for this stakeholder group to the Board and give periodic reports to the activities of the stakeholder group at a regular Board meeting. These reports shall be delivered under the agenda item ”Communications”. These reports shall focus on information relevant to supporting or advancing the District Outrageous Outcomes and goals.

Cross Reference:
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Adoption Date: September 28, 2021