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1630 - Evaluation of the Superintendent Policy

Policy 1630

Form 1630F - Evaluation of the Superintendent


Evaluation of the Superintendent

The board shall establish evaluative criteria and shall be responsible for evaluating the performance of the superintendent as provided by statute. The individual’s contract supersedes 

The superintendent shall be evaluated on the basis of annual district objectives and core district functions. The annual district objectives will be identified by the board at or before the beginning of the annual evaluation cycle, prior to the start of the school year. The core district functions to be evaluated are (1) visionary and strategic organizational leadership; (2) instructional leadership; (3) management and operations leadership; (4) collaborative culture; (5) governance team; (6) professional qualities. The superintendent’s evaluation instrument will be approved by the board. 

The specific performance objectives shall serve as the basis for a minimum of two confidential conferences with the board members for the purpose of aiding the superintendent in his/her performance.

In the event that a majority of the board considers the superintendent’s performance to be deficient in one or more areas, the superintendent shall be so notified in writing on or before January 31 or as specified in the superintendent’s contract. The notice shall include specific suggestions for improvement. Minority reports may also be written by board members and presented to the superintendent.

The board, on the basis of the evaluation, may terminate, renew or extend the superintendent’s contract for periods not to exceed three years.

Legal Reference:
RCW 28A.405.100 Minimum criteria for the evaluation of certificated employees, including administrators – Procedure –Scope – Penalty

Adoption Date: January 23, 2018