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1731 - Board Members Expenses Policy

Policy 1731


Board Member Expenses 

The actual expenses of board members while traveling to and from and attending board meetings may be paid.  The expenses of board members who attend conferences or meetings as representatives of the district may be paid.  Such expenses for conferences may be paid in advance.  A director may be reimbursed for gratuities not exceeding customary percentages for the cost of meals as well as reasonable amounts for such services as baggage handling when the costs are incurred while the individual is engaged in district business or other approved travel. 

Cross Reference:     
Board Policy 5341    Reimbursement for Travel 

Legal Reference:    
RCW 28A.320.050    Reimbursement of expenses — Advancing anticipated expenses 
RCW 43.03.170        Advance warrants — Issuance — Limitations 

Adoption Date:    December 21, 2004