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1820 - Accountability and Evaluation of the Board Policy

Policy 1820


Accountability and Evaluation of the Board 

1. Accountability 

The board shall be accountable to the local community and its electorate for the proper operation of the district. The board, acting through the Superintendent, shall be responsible for: 

A. Establishing performance criteria and an evaluation process for its certificated staff and for all programs constituting a part of the district’s curriculum; 

B. Determining the final assignment of staff, certificated or classified, according to board enumerated classroom and program needs; 

C. Determining the number of instructional hours necessary for any student to acquire a quality education in the district, in not less than the amount otherwise required by state or federal law, rules, and regulations; 

D. Determining the allocation of staff time, whether certificated or classified; 

E. Establishing final curriculum standards consistent with state and federal law, rules, and regulations, relevant to the particular needs of students or the unique characteristics of the district and ensuring a quality education for each student in the district; and 

F. Evaluating teaching materials, including textbooks, teaching aids, handouts, or other printed material in public hearing upon complaint by parents of students who consider dissemination of such material to students objectionable. 

2. Evaluation 

At the conclusion of each school year, the board may evaluate its own performance in terms of generally accepted principles of successful board operations. Those principles shall relate to such areas of board operations as policy development, curriculum and instruction, management, and communication with the public. 

Cross Reference:    
Board Policy 4110 District Annual Report 

Legal References:    
RCW  28A.150.230 Basic Education Act of 1977-- District school directors as accountable for proper operation of district 

Adoption Date:      October 11, 2005