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3600 - Student Records Policy

Policy 3600


Student Records
The district will maintain those student records necessary for the educational guidance and/or welfare of students, for orderly and efficient operation of schools and as required by law.  All information related to individual students will be treated in a confidential and professional manner.  The district will use reasonable methods to ensure that teachers and other school officials obtain access to only those education records in which they have legitimate educational interests. The district will retain records in compliance with the General Records Retention Schedule for School Districts and Educational Service Districts in Washington State.

Student records are the property of the district but will be available in an orderly and timely manner to students and parent(s) or guardian(s), including the Washington Department of Social and Health Services when a minor student has been found dependent and placed in state custody.  A parent(s) or guardian(s) or adult student may challenge any information in a student record believed inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student.

Student records will be forwarded to other school agencies upon request.  A high school student may grant authority to the district which permits prospective employers to review the student’s transcript.  Parental, guardian or adult student consent will be required before the district may release student records other than to a school agency or organization, except as otherwise provided by law.

A grades report, transcript, or diploma will not be released until a student has made restitution for damages assessed as a result of losing or damaging school materials or equipment.  If a student has transferred to another school district that has requested the student’s records, but the student has an outstanding fee or fine, only records pertaining to the student’s academic performance, special placement, immunization history, and discipline actions will be sent to the enrolling school. The content of those records will be communicated to the enrolling district within two (2) school days and copies of the records will be sent as soon as possible.  The official transcript will not be released until the outstanding fee or fine is discharged.  The enrolling school will be notified that the official transcript is being withheld due to an unpaid fee or fine.

The superintendent shall establish procedures governing the content, management and control of student records.



Cross Reference:         Board Policy 3520                  Student Fees, Fines, Charges

Legal References:       20 U.S.C. §1232g                   Family Education Righs and Privacy Act
                                       CFR 34, Part 99                                   Family Education Rights and Privacy
                                                                                                     Act Regulations
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                                       RCW   28A.230.180               Educational and career opportunities
                                                                                                In the military, student access to
                                                                                                Information on, when
                                      RCW   28A.635.060               Defacing or injuring school property –
                                                                                                Liability of parent or guardian
                                      RCW   40.24.030                    Address Confidentiality Program—
                                                                                                Application -- Certification                                   


                                    Ch. 70.02 RCW                      Medical records – health care information
                                                                                                  access and disclosure

                                    WAC   181-87-093                  Failure to assure the transfer of student
                                                                                                 record information or student records

                                    Ch. 43-840 WAC                    Implementation of Address
                                                                                                Confidentiality Program

                                    WAC   246-100-166                Immunization of day care and school
                                                                                                Children against certain vaccine-
                                                                                                Preventable diseases

                                    Ch. 392-415 WAC                  Secondary Education-standardized high
                                                                                              school transcript


Adoption Date:           November 12, 2013