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7325F - Snack Meal Report Form

Form 7325F



Function                             Date      

Contact Person       Location      

Contact Phone        Estimated Count      

Cost       Local PO#       Actual Count*      (Attach sign in sheet)


Vendor                   District Budget (Responsibility/Program      )


As the person charged with budgetary responsibility, I certify that the following condition(s) * exist in relation to this request (check at least one):

        Meeting is one-half day or more in duration (generally interpreted to be 3.5 hours or more of meeting time).

        Meeting is held outside normal hours.

        Participants are largely district volunteers or outside persons whose activities benefit the district.

        Meeting/Training refreshments (of less than 3 ½ hours).

Expenditures for snacks/meals are expected to be reasonable and appropriate for the circumstances.



* In accordance with district policy, meals and snacks are appropriately charged to a district budget only when the district is deriving benefit.  In all cases, the benefits of such funded refreshments must accrue to the district rather than the individuals or organizations which might be involved.


Adoption Date: April 13, 1998                                                                                                                                   Ga-206 (rev.12/10)