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7110 - Budget and Program Planning Policy

Policy 7110


Budget and Program Planning
A district’s annual budget is tangible evidence of the board’s commitment toward fulfilling the aims and objectives of the instructional program.  The budget expresses in specific terms the services to be provided, consistent with immediate and long-range goals and resources available and establishes priorities within broad program areas such as basic education, other separately funded programs and support services.

Prior to presentation of the proposed budget for adoption, the superintendent shall prepare for the board’s study and consideration appropriate documentation supporting his or her recommendations, which shall be designed to meet the needs of students within the limits of anticipated revenues consistent with reasonable management practices.

Program planning and budget development shall provide for staff participation and the sharing of information with patrons prior to action by the board.



Legal References:       RCW   28A.300.060               Studies and adoption of classifications
                                                                                                for school district budgets –                                                                                                Publication

                                    RCW   28A.510                      Apportionment to district – District
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                                    RCW   28A.320.020               Liability for debts and judgments
                                    RCW   28A.320.090               Preparing and distributing information
                                                                                                on district’s instructional
                                                                                                program, operation and
                                                                                                maintenance – Limitation
                                    RCW   28A.330.100               Additional powers of the board
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                                                                                                public – Contents – Scope



Adoption Date:           July 23, 1996