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7251 - Disposal of Surplus Equipment or Materials Policy

Policy 7251


Disposal of Surplus Equipment or Materials
The board of directors authorizes the superintendent or designee to determine whether any   district equipment, supplies, furniture and other district personal property is obsolete or surplus.  The board further authorizes the superintendent or designee to develop and implement procedures for the disposal of surplus items in accordance with state law.

The board must approve of any sales where: a) a single unit item has a current value in excess of $10,000 and/or b) multiple items have a total unit value in excess of $50,000.  Prior to disposing of any surplus property or reading materials, the superintendent or designee shall serve public notice as required by state law.

Funds derived from the rental, sale or lease of student transportation equipment shall be placed into the transportation vehicle fund.  Funds derived from the sale of property shall be placed into the general fund.





Legal References:       Board Policy 7250                  Rental or Lease of District Property
                                    Board Policy 8360                  Property and Equipment
                                    Board Policy 9271                  Sale of Real property
                                    RCW   28A.335.060               Surplus school property, rental lease
                                                                                                or use of – Disposition of moneys
                                                                                                received for
                                   RCW   28A.335.090               Conveyance and acquisition of property –
                                   RCW   28A.335.180               Surplus texts and other educational aids,
                                                                                                notice of availability – Student
                                                                                                priority as to texts
                                   RCW   39.33.070                   School districts and libraries – Disposal
                                                                                                of obsolete or surplus reading
                                                                                                materials – Procedures

                                    WAC   392-143-050                Resold school buses



Adoption Date:           June 14, 2016