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7327 - Admin Internal Control Policy Policy

Policy 7327


Chapter 1 Administrative Internal Control Policy for Chapter 1 Travel, Contracted Services, Training and Capital Outlay Purchases and Expenditures

Pursuant to the directives of the U.S. Department of Education which require recipients of Chapter 1 funds to adopt Chapter 1 administrative policies that address compliance with federal and state requirements and establish internal control for the Chapter 1 program, the Pasco School District agrees to comply with this policy when administering the Chapter 1 program.

1. All Chapter 1 funded purchases and expenditures shall be directly related to allowable Chapter 1 activities and services that are necessary to effectively carry out the objectives of the current program and for the benefit of eligible participants.

2. Chapter 1 purchases and expenditures shall be restricted to those incurred by persons with direct Chapter 1 duties and responsibilities and/or which benefit eligible Chapter 1 participants.

3. Chapter 1 funded inservice training shall be directly related to specific Chapter 1 program activities and provided only to persons with Chapter 1 program responsibilities and duties.



Adoption Date:           July 23, 1996