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7350 - Electronic Signature Authorized Policy

Policy 7350


Use of Electronic Signature Authorized
This policy authorizes the use of electronic signatures for certain district transactions to promote efficiency to conserve public resources. Electronic signatures should only be used in accordance with this policy and when there is a reasonable assurance of the integrity, authenticity, and nonrepudiation of documents using electronic signatures. Providing the option of electronic signatures, when practicable, is consistent with the intent of Washington State law to promote electronic transactions and remove barriers that might prevent the use of electronic transactions by governmental entities.

An electronic signature is an acceptable substitute for a traditional signature on records requiring signature whenever the use of a traditional signature is authorized or required, except as otherwise provided herein. The District recognizes electronic signatures as legally binding and equivalent in force and effect as a traditional signature made or created when a person physically marks a document with the intent to sign the record.

The district authorizes the use of the electronic signature platform selected by the district’s Information Systems department, or any future replacement of such platform, to affix electronic signatures to the following district records: minutes of school board meetings, Resolutions adopted by the board of directors, district business records, contracts, claim vouchers, official correspondence, legal documents, permits and licenses, property records, insurance documents, fiscal and accounting records, grants, applications, verifications, transcripts, other business records, and any and all agreements to which the district is a party. Electronic signatures may be used on district records requiring execution by a third party so long as the district retains a fully executed version of the final electronic record for the appropriate retention period.

The superintendent and duly designated district agents are authorized to use the electronic signature platform or any future replacement of such platform to affix electronic signatures to district records as provided in this policy. Unauthorized use of an electronic signature, or any attempt to forge, falsify, misrepresent, imitate or counterfeit an electronic signature may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, and/or be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

If an electronic signature is used for interstate transactions or for documents required by the US Federal government, the electronic signature shall comply with the requirements of the Electronic Signatures in Global and Electronic Commerce Act.

Cross References:

Board policy 1332

Authorization of Signatures


Board policy 7320

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Legal References:

RCW 19.360.020

State and local agencies—Electronic signatures and records—Use and acceptance


15 U.S.C. Ch. 96

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act


Adoption Date:           March 9, 2021