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7415 - Associated Student Body- ASB- Program Fund Policy

Policy 7415


Associated Student Body (ASB) Program Fund
The board is responsible for the protection and control of student body financial resources just as it is for other public funds placed in its custody.  The financial resources of the fund are for the benefit of students.  Student involvement in the decision-making processes related to the use of these funds is an integral part of the associated student body, except that the board may delegate the authority to a staff member to act as the associated student body for any school which contains no grade higher than grade five.

Moneys raised by students through recognized student body organizations shall be deposited in and disbursed from the fund which is maintained by the county treasurer.  The fund is subject to management and accounting procedures which are similar to those required for all other district moneys.  Associated student body constitutions shall provide for participation by associated student body representatives in the decisions to budget for and disburse associated student body moneys.

The superintendent shall establish procedures regarding the operation of the fund.



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Adoption Date:           July 23, 1996