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7530 - Consideration of Unsolicited Proposals Policy

Policy 7530


Consideration of Unsolicited Proposals from Individuals Wishing to Provide Services or Products to the School District
From time to time, individuals or firms may wish to acquaint the board of directors with products or services, despite the fact that information about such products or services may not have been solicited.

In order to provide an opportunity for the board and district to become aware of such products or services, procedures shall be established which provide access to such vendors.

Such procedures shall include an assurance that the district’s contracting and bidding procedures shall be followed and that provisions will be made for other vendors to also be considered as a part of the purchasing process.

Vendors are discouraged from making contacts with board members and/or district employees not involved in the formal purchasing process for the purpose of influencing decisions about the purchase of products or services.  Any district employee and/or board member approached by a vendor soliciting a product or service shall direct the vendor to the appropriate procurement person at the district office.

If an individual board member or a group of board members wishes to study or investigate a particular product or service, contact should be made with the superintendent as a courtesy and to initiate a review if requested.

All products or services which could fall under the category of employee benefits shall be introduced to the district through the regular negotiations process and shall be presented to the district as a negotiations proposal by a recognized bargaining group.




Cross Reference:         Board Policy 7321                  Purchasing:  Bids and Contracts


Adoption Date:           November 8, 1994