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7260P - Gifts Procedure

Procedure 7260P


Donated playground equipment must be referred to the director of the facilities office before acceptance is granted.

Any gift presented to the district shall satisfy the following criteria:

1. Have a purpose consistent with those of the district

2. Not create a burden to the district in terms of funds or staff time

3. Not create a program which the board would be unwilling or unable to assume when funds from the gift are exhausted

4. Not impose an undue burden upon the district for its care and maintenance

5. Not imply endorsement of a business or a product

6. Will become the property of the district

7. Appraisals for charitables shall not be a responsibility of the district

8. Exception from policy:

School-supporting association contributions, i.e., Booster Club, PTA or PTO, are classed as donations and must only have principal approval in accordance with the above criteria.




Adoption Date:           July 23, 1996