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7321P - Purchasing Bids and Contracts Procedure

Procedure 7321P


Purchasing:  Bids and Contracts
1) Formal bids of materials, equipment and furniture equaling or exceeding $75,000
2) Competitive price quotations $40,000 to under $75,000
3) Public works, small works roster and construction contracts
4) Other considerations

1) Formal bids of materials, equipment and furniture equaling or exceeding $75,000

The following procedures shall be in effect for formal bids equaling or exceeding $75,000 (including tax).

A. Formal bids shall be opened at the time and place stated in the official advertisement for bids, and any interested member of the public and board members may attend the bid opening.  It shall be the bidder’s sole responsibility to see that his bid is delivered to the district prior to the time set for opening of bids.  Any bid received after the time set for opening the bids shall be returned to the bidder unopened and shall receive no consideration by the district.

B. Bid results shall be presented to the Board for consideration of award in a timely manner.  Selection of the successful bidder shall be made by the Board with the assistance of staff recommendations.

C. Brand names and manufacturers’ catalog numbers used in specifications are for the purpose of identification and to establish a standard of quality.  Bids on equal items shall be considered, providing the bidder specifies brand and model and furnishes descriptive literature.  The acceptance of alternative “equal” items shall be conditioned on the district’s inspection and testing after receipt.    The district reserves the right to choose the equipment.

D. The board or designee shall reserve the right to reject any or all bids, waive any formalities and make the award in its best interest.

E. On construction projects, the bidder shall submit all required documentation requested in the bid specifications in addition to providing the project cost.

F. Contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.  Factors to be considered in determining the lowest responsible bidder in addition to cost include:

1. The ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to perform the work required;

2. The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the bidder;

3. The ability of the bidder to perform the work in the time specified;

4.The quality of performance of previous contracts or services;

5. The previous and existing compliance of the bidder with laws relating to public works; and

6. Such other information related to the performance of the contract, as the District deems advisable. 

2) Competitive price quotations $40,000 to under $75,000

The following procedures shall be in effect for competitive price quotations $40,000 to under $75,000.

A. A competitive solicitation will be completed in writing from at least three different sources and recorded for public review.
B. The contract for the purchase will be awarded to the responsive and responsible vendor/contractor submitting the lowest price as defined in RCW 43.19.1911.
C. If at least three price quotations have been obtained, and there is reason to believe the lowest acceptable price quotation is not the best obtainable, the district may seek additional price quotations or terminate the purchase.
D. If three or more quotations are not obtainable, the district may reinitiate quotes with product revision(s); or may award to a single source if there is clearly only one possible supplier.  Single source awards require approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations and must be documented with supporting rationale for audit purposes and public review. 

3) Public works projects, small works roster and construction contracts 

A. Public works projects:

1. Public works projects estimated to cost in excess of $35,000 shall be awarded on a competitive bid process to the lowest responsible bidder.  The competitive process may vary depending on the estimated cost as follows:
2. Public works projects estimated to cost at least $35,000 but not exceeding $100,000 may be accompanied through a competitive bid process per RCW 28A.335.190.  This process shall include requesting a minimum of three quotes from responsible contractors.
3. Public works projects estimated to cost in excess of $100,000 shall be awarded through the formal bid process.
4. For public work projects, the District may make improvements or repairs through the maintenance department of the District when the total cost of the improvements or repairs will not exceed $35,000.

B. Small works roster

The small works roster can be used for projects between $35,000 and $100,000 and can be used in lieu of the other procedures mentioned above.                

1. Procedures for maintaining a small works roster                       

      i. The small works roster shall be updated at least once a year by publishing a notice in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the District.  Such notice shall indicate where contractors may secure information and application forms related to the small works roster.
     ii. Interested contractors must complete an application form that is designed to collect such information as name of contractor, State of Washington contractor’s license number, bonding verification, insurance coverage, related contracts completed, and references.
    iii. Contractors listed on the small works roster must update such information at least once each year.  Contractors shall be added to the small works roster at any time they submit a completed application form.

2. Procedures for utilizing the small works roster for a project:

    i. Written plans and specifications shall be prepared which describe the scope and nature of the work performed, materials to be used; the required completion date and all documentation requirements that the contractor must meet.
   ii. Bids shall be solicited from qualified contractors and the contract awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
   iii. A list of contracts awarded to contractors on the small works roster will be posted in a visible location within the maintenance department.

C. Construction contracts

An acceptable bid or offer and a District purchase order shall constitute the only contract necessary for the purchase of furniture, equipment or supplies and minor repairs or construction projects.

Formal written contracts shall be prepared for all major construction and repair projects.  Such contracts shall include language necessary to protect the rights of the District.  Contracts involving formal bid awards shall be signed by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the District, after approval by a majority vote of the Board.

4) Other considerations

Whenever possible, general contractors will be encouraged to employ local subcontractors.  The encouragement to use local workers should not be to the extent that achieving the lowest project cost would be jeopardized.


Adoption Date:  January 14, 2009