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7324P - Purchasing- Relations with Vendors Procedure

Procedure 7324P


Relations with Vendors – Code of Ethics for Purchasing Officials of the Pasco School District

All transactions with vendors shall be in strict conformity with the law and good ethical practice.  Therefore, all purchasing officials shall:

1. Consider first the interests of the school district and the betterment of its educational program.

2. Endeavor to obtain the greatest value for every tax dollar.

3. Be receptive to advice and suggestions from colleagues, both in the educational field and in other departments of business administration, insofar as such advice and suggestions are not in conflict with legal restrictions in purchasing procedures.

4. Strive for knowledge of school equipment and supplies in order to recommend items that may either reduce cost or increase the efficiency of the means of education.

5. Insist on and expect honesty in sales representatives whether offered verbally or in writing, through the medium of advertising or in the sample of a product submitted.

6. Give all responsible bidders equal consideration and the assurance of unbiased judgment in determining whether their product meets specifications and the educational needs of the district.

7. Counsel, assist and give direction to staff in procedures for school purchasing.

8. Cooperate with educational, governmental and trade associations in the promotion and development of sound business methods in the procurement of school equipment and supplies.




Adoption Date:           July 23, 1996