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7328P - Procurement Card Procedure

Procedure 7328P


Procurement Cards

Procurement cards may be issued to authorized employees for payment of eligible district expenditures.  Requests for procurement cards should be made by the employee’s department manager and approved by Fiscal Services.  Upon approval, Fiscal Services will order the procurement card. 

Prior to issuance, the procurement cardholder will read and sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the Use of District Procurement Cards (7328F).  The cardholder will be responsible for all charges on the card, keeping it secure and immediately notifying Fiscal Services of suspicious charges, theft or other loss of the card.  Cardholders will submit all original receipts in a timely manner to the individual responsible for processing requisitions in their building or department.  Processors will prepare requisitions and submit them to Fiscal Services on a weekly basis.

Misuse of the procurement card may result in discipline and/or personal liability for dishonored charges and revocation of procurement card privileges.  Upon such revocation, the district will not be liable for any costs subsequently charged to the procurement card.


Dated:             July 14, 2017