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7530P - Consideration of Unsolicited Proposals Procedure

Procedure 7530P


Consideration of Unsolicited Proposals from Individuals Wishing to Provide Services or Products to the School District
This procedure covers proposals for products or services that the district does not currently use or purchase as well as unique and unusual products or services.

A district purchasing committee shall be established for the purpose of considering proposals by individuals wishing to make the board of directors aware of products or services, despite the fact that information about such products or services may not have been solicited.  This committee shall meet as needed for the purpose of hearing and evaluating the merit of such proposals.  (Example:  Once or twice a year in a trade show setting.)

The members of the committee shall include:

1. Two members of the board of directors
2. Executive director of business and finance or his designee
3. Representatives from curriculum, general operations, and personnel as appropriate
4. One building principal
5. Two representatives of PAE
6. Two classified employees
7. Such other individuals as might be appropriate, depending upon the specific product or service to be considered or presented

Members of the committee shall select a chair.

If, upon hearing a proposal, the committee deems the product or service to be worthy of further consideration, information and a recommendation shall be referred to a sub-committee for additional study, evaluation, and appropriate action.  This sub-committee shall be created based upon the specific nature of the product or service, i.e., if it is curriculum-oriented, the curriculum office would provide leadership in developing the sub-committee.

Cabinet members of the sub-committee shall provide the board of directors with a formal response to the recommendation of the purchasing committee, including a suggested course of further action.

From time to time, board members may attend events at which a variety of vendors are present.  If there are products or services which board members would like to see given additional study and review, this information should be referred to the purchasing committee.  Individual staff and board members shall not act as agents of the school district in dealing with vendors regarding the contracting or purchasing of services and are obligated to direct vendors to use the appropriate procedures.

All district employees and board members who are contacted by vendors wishing to sell services or products on an unsolicited basis are encouraged to direct the vendors to the business office where the vendor and the nature of the potential sale can be recorded.  Vendors will then be given instructions on how to sell products or services to the school district.  If the vendor provides a product or service that the district currently uses, the vendor will be given instructions on how to be placed on a bidders list.  If this vendor provides a product or service that is unique or different from what is currently used or purchased, the vendor will be placed on the unsolicited bidders list to be contacted on how and when to show their wares.



Adoption Date:           November 8, 1994