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Policy 8100 - Transportation Policy 8100

Policy 8100


TransportationThe district may provide transportation to and from school for a student:

A. Whose residence is beyond the one mile radius from the school to which the student is assigned;

B. Whose walking route to school is hazardous;

C. Whose handicapping condition prevents him from walking; or

D. Who has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student whose assigned bus stop is beyond the maximum walking distance may receive reimbursement for private transportation at the state mileage rate.

The district’s transportation program shall comply in all ways with state law and regulation.  Transportation services of the district may include approved bus routes, district-approved field trips, school activities (participants only) and extracurricular activities (rooters).  The superintendent is authorized to permit a parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student enrolled in school to ride a bus when excess seating is available and private or other public transportation is not reasonably available.

The board of directors may authorize children attending an approved private school to ride a school bus, providing that the bus route and stops are not altered, space is available and a fee to cover the per seat cost for such transportation is collected.



Legal References:       RCW   28A.160.010               Transporting of children to school or
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                                                                                                of elderly – Insurance
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Adoption Date:           July 15, 1997