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8102 - Contracting for Transportation Services Policy

Policy 8102


Contracting for Transportation ServicesIf the board enters into a contract for transportation services, the contractor shall operate such equipment according to district policy and the rules and regulations of the state board of education.  The contract shall be in effect for no more than five years.  Prior to entering into such a contract, the district shall determine that the cost of contracting will not exceed the projected cost of operating its own system.  Such assurances shall be submitted to the superintendent of public instruction for approval.




Legal References:       RCW   28A.160.010               Transportation of children to school or
                                                                                                school activities – Transporting
                                                                                                of elderly – Insurance

                                    RCW   28A.160.140               Contract for pupil transportation
                                                                                                aervices with private non-
                                                                                                fovernmental entity – competitive
                                                                                                bid procedures

                                    RCW   28A.160.170               Contracts to provide pupil transportation
                                                                                                services, lease building space and
                                                                                                portable buildings and lease or have
                                                                                                maintained security systems,
                                                                                                computers and other equipment

                                    WAC   180-20                         School bus transportation
                                    WAC   392-141-005                Purposes
                                    WAC   392-143                       Transportation – Specifications for school
                                    WAC   392-145                       Transportation – Operation rules



Adoption Date:           July 15, 1997