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Policy 8122 - Bus Maintenance Policy 8122

Policy 8122


Bus MaintenanceBuses used in the district’s transportation program shalal be in safe and legal operating condition.  Bus maintenance services may be purchased jointly with other school districts or with private schools.  The district may allow a private school to purchase such services.  All buses shall be inspected by the Washington State Patrol once each year, and a random inspection of some buses will take place during winter months.  Any bus receiving a major repair shall be inspected in the same manner as a new bus, with emphasis on mechanical safety.  No bus shall be operated with regrooved, recapped or retreaded tires on the front wheels.  A bus driver shall inspect his or her bus in the manner prescribed in the School Bus Driver Handbook (SPI).  By September 1, 1992, each school bus shall be equipped with a front-mounted crossing arm so that students will be at least five feet in front of the bus before being able to cross in front of it.




Legal References:       RCW   46.32.010(1)                Inspection authorized – Duties of state
                                      RCW   28A.320.080               Joint Purchasing
                                      RCW   46.37.620                    School buses – Crossing arms

                                     WAC   392-143-035                Inspection by state patrol
                                     WAC   392-143-040                Inspection of school buses
                                     WAC   392-143-065                Tires – Front axle
                                     WAC   392-145-020                Rules for school bus drivers – Rules
                                                                                                for students riding school buses



Adoption Date:           May 28, 1996