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Policy 8240 - Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Policy 8240


Nutrition and Physical Fitness
The board recognizes that good nutrition and regular physical activity are essential to promote children’s overall health and academic achievement. The board supports increased emphasis on nutrition and physical activity at all grade levels to enhance the well-being of students. It is the policy of the board that students be provided access to nutritious food, opportunities for physical activity and developmentally appropriate exercise, and accurate information related to these topics.

District staff should ensure that students have access to healthy food and beverages in all district venues outside of the federally regulated child nutrition programs.

The superintendent will develop and implement a comprehensive district-wide nutrition program consistent with state and federal requirements for districts sponsoring the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. To implement the program, the superintendent will adopt and implement a comprehensive program on health, fitness and nutrition consistent with state learning standards.

The district will provide school breakfasts and lunches which meet the nutritional standards required by state and federal school breakfast and lunch programs. All foods sold on campus during the school day must meet USDA Smart Snacks in Schools standards.

The Superintendent will establish procedures promoting fitness, health, and nutrition for all students. The procedures will ensure compliance with the Healthy-Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, including adoption and implementation of a local school wellness policy as required by Federal regulations.


Cross Reference:         Board Policy   2120                            Curriculum Development
                                                            8200                            Food Services                                                         


Legal References:       RCW   28A.235.120                           Lunchrooms-Establishment and Operation
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                                                392-410-136                            Physical Education Requirement-
                                    7 CFR, Parts 210 and 220
                                    7 CFR, Part 245.5
                                    Sec. 204 of P.L. 111-296                    Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
                                                                                                Of 2010

Adoption Date:           August 12, 2014