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8301 - Employee Safety Policy

Policy 8301


Employee Safety 
The board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the district. Rules for safety and prevention of accidents shall be posted in compliance with WISHA requirements. The superintendent shall develop necessary procedures to implement this policy and comply with Department of Labor standards. Each employee shall be responsible for following the district staff safety policy and procedures, and compliance will be enforced. Failure to follow safe workplace practices or safety policies and procedures may result in corrective action, including discipline.  Responsibilities shall, at a minimum, include the following:

A. Management Responsibility

1. Establish a safe and healthful working environment consistent with Labor and Industries requirements.

2. Implement an accident prevention program.

3. Provide training programs to improve the skill and competency of employees in the field of occupational safety and health

4. Maintain readily accessible material safety data sheets for all chemicals at each location, and comply with Labor and Industries requirements regarding chemical hazards (“Worker Right to Know”). 

5. Form a safety committee composed of management and employees.

6. Investigate the cause of accidents that cause serious injuries followed by recommended preventative measures to avoid similar accidents in the future.

7. Report all accidents.

8. Establish a system for maintaining records of occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses.

9. Maintain a well-marked first aid kit or first aid station (if applicable).

10. Assure that a person who holds a valid certificate of first aid training is present or available.

11. Maintain safety bulletin boards to post safety educational material.

B. Employee Responsibility

1. Coordinate and cooperate with all employees in an attempt to eliminate accidents.

2. Study and observe all safe practices governing their work.

3. Offer safety suggestions.

4. Apply the principles of accident prevention in their daily work.

5. Properly care for all personal protective equipment.

6. Make a prompt report to their immediate supervisor of each industrial accident, injury or occupational illness, regardless of the degree of severity.

7. Use proper safety devices and protective equipment as required.

8. Not wear loose or torn clothing while working around machinery.

9. Not interfere with the use of any work practice designed to protect employees from injuries.

10. Maintain a fragrance-controlled workplace by not permitting the use of air fresheners, candles, wickless candles, essential oil diffusers, or similar fragrance-emitting products to reduce allergenic products in the workplace, including district-owned vehicles and facilities.

11. Not interfere with the use of any safeguard by anyone in the workplace, and not remove or damage any safeguard, notice, or warning designed to make the workplace safe.

12.  Play an active role in creating a safe and healthy workplace and comply with all applicable safety and health rules.

C.  Safety and Health Committee Responsibility

1. Safety and health committee meetings shall address the following:

      a. A review of the safety and health inspection reports;

      b. An evaluation of the accident investigations conducted since the last meeting;

      c. An evaluation of the accident and illness prevention program.

2. Attendance shall be documented.

3. Subjects discussed shall be documented.


Cross Reference:         Board Policy 9310                  Safety Program
                                     Board Policy 5255                  Disciplinary Action and Discharge

Legal References:       RCW   49.17                           Washington Industrial Safety and Health
                                                                                               Act (WISHA)
                                    WAC   296-800                       Safety and health core rules


Adoption Date:           October 8, 2019