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Policy 8331 - Unemployment Insurance

Policy 8331


Unemployment Insurance
The district shall participate in the educational service district unemployment compensation pool so long as the terms of the agreement are satisfactory to the board and such participation continues to result in savings to the district in comparison to other means lawfully available to the district in fulfilling its unemployment insurance obligation to its former employees.

Staff eligible under the terms of the unemployment compensation pool agreement with the educational service district shall be provided with the unemployment benefits to which they are entitled.  The district shall maintain the records required by the state employment security department and retain them for not less than four years.



Legal Reference:         RCW   50.44.030(3)                Insurance pools
                                    RCW   50.44.050                    Benefits payable, terms and conditions|
                                    RCW   50.20.050                    Disqualification for leaving work
                                                                                                voluntarily without good cause


Adoption Date:           May 28, 1996