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Policy 8334 - Medical Insurance

Policy 8334


Medical Insurance
Medical insurance plans will be offered to district employees through payroll deduction. Employees may select from among those plans which are approved by the district. The district shall make a monthly contribution toward the selected plan premiums for each full-time employee in an amount which is determined each year. The district will provide prorated contributions toward the selected plan premiums for less than full-time employees.

When an employee is on an approved leave of absence and the employee’s accumulated paid leave or applicable family and medical leave has been exhausted, the employee is responsible for paying the premiums for insurance benefits. The district shall notify the employee that the medical insurance benefits are exhausted and the premium is due.  The district shall accept payment for the premium from the employee and remit it to the carrier each month during the term of an approved leave of absence.

In compliance with COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), the district will offer continuing health care coverage on a self-pay basis to employees and their dependents following termination (for reasons other than gross misconduct), a reduction in hours, retirement, death, or loss of coverage eligibility to the dependent. These health benefits will be identical to the coverages offered to full-time employees. The district will comply with requirements regarding duration of coverages and employee eligibility as established by law.



Cross References:       Board Policy   5213                Part-Time Employees
                                                            5221                Length of Work Day
                                                            5320                Personnel Leaves
                                                            5321                Family and Medical Leave


Legal References:       RCW   28A.400.350               Liability, life, health, health care,
                                                                                                accident, disability and salary
                                                                                                insurance authorized

                                   29 U.S.C. A SS 1161-1168     Consolidated Omnibus Budget
                                                                                                Reconciliation Act



Adoption Date:           October 9, 2007