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Policy 8360 - Property Records

Policy 8360


Property Records
It is the policy of the board of directors that district administrators be accountable for the stewardship of fixed assets purchased with public monies.  Furthermore, the accounting and tracking of fixed assets will be based on sound management, financial, and business principles.

The superintendent shall develop procedures required to carry out this policy.  These procedures will include identified capitalization threshold levels; the tracking of non-capitalized small and attractive items; the purchase, delivery, transfer, and disposal of all fixed assets; and cyclical physical inventories or reconciliation guidelines.  Staff training and compliance with the supporting procedures shall be monitored by the superintendent or designee.


Cross Reference:         Board Policy 8361                  Loans of school-owned equipment and

Legal References:       RCW 28A.335.090                 Conveyance and acquisition of property —
                                                                                                Management — Appraisal
                                    34 CFR § 80.32                       Uniform Administrative requirements for
                                                                                                grants and cooperative agreements to
                                                                                                state and local governments –                                                                                                Equipment



Adoption Date:           November 25, 2008