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Procedure 8124P - Emergencies

Procedure 8124


The transportation supervisor shall review the contents of the School Bus Driver’s Handbook with each driver prior to the beginning of each school year.  Each driver, in turn, is expected to follow the procedure as outlined in the handbook.

In the event of an accident, the driver shall make contact with the transportation supervisor who shall:

A.Determine the nature of the accident;

B. Contact emergency services if there is reason to believe that there are injuries which require immediate attention;

C .Contact the state patrol regarding the accident;

D. Advise the superintendent of schools;

E. Investigate the accident and gather the names of all students and witnesses;

F. Dispatch another bus to transport students to their destination;

G. Contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) of any students who are injured.

To facilitate the responsibilities assigned to the transportation department, the supervisor, in cooperation with the building principals, will compile a list of students, including addresses and phone numbers, who are authorized to ride each bus route.


Adoption Date:           May 28, 1996