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Procedure 8140P - School- Owned Vehicle

Procedure 8140P


School-Owned Vehicles
The following procedures are in effect for the use of school-owned vehicles:

Assigned Vehicles – School-owned vehicles may be assigned to a staff member on a 24-hour basis for one or more of the following conditions:

A. The staff member is subject to 24-hour call.  The frequency of such travel on call is greater than would justify requiring the person to use his or her own personal vehicle.

B. The nature of the assignment requires the use of a specially-equipped or special-purpose vehicle.

Travel between the staff member’s work place and his or her residence is approved when it is advantageous to the district for such reasons as:

A. The staff member can conduct his or her duties more effectively; or

B. The vehicle is more safe and secure at the staff member’s residence.

The staff member shall be responsible for maintaining the vehicle in sound mechanical order and good appearance.  All operational costs shall be borne by the district.

In accordance with IRS regulations (Bulletin 85-7), the district shall report (IRS, WSTRS) as income an amount of $1.50 for each one-way trip for personal commuting between home and place of work for each staff member who is assigned a school vehicle for 24-hour use.  Specially-equipped vehicles (e.g., van with mechanical equipment) shall be exempt from this requirement.  The procedures as stated for motor pool vehicles shall also apply to assigned vehicles.

Motor Pool – The following procedures shall be in effect for the operation of school-owned vehicles:

A. Vehicles shall be used for official school district business only.  Personal use of district vehicles constitutes grounds for disciplinary action which may include suspension without pay, termination of employment in the case of repeated violations, or suspension or termination of the right to operate district-owned vehicles.  All users shall be employees or officers of the district.

B. All operators shall have a valid Washington state driver’s license.

C. Any citation for violation of motor vehicle laws shall be the sole responsibility of the operator.

D. If involved in any accident, the operator shall notify the proper law enforcement agency immediately and file an accident report within 4 hours.  Those accidents which involve personal injuries must be reported by telephone and followed up with a written report, both to the district and the district’s insurance company.

E. Where the employee-driver is presumed to be not at fault, the district shall file a claim for damages with the insurance company of the other operator.

F.  In the event of vehicle operation failure, the staff member should contact the motor pool supervisor for repair procedures.

G. Accident report blanks, trip logs, malfunctions report forms, and insurance information shall be kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

H. The driver and passengers shall wear seat belts at all times.

Motor pool vehicles are assigned on a first come, first served basis.






Adoption Date:           May 28, 1996