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Chelsea Till

Titles: Substitute Teacher
Locations: District Wide

Victor Tirado-Martinez

Titles: Teacher Grade 4 Spanish
Locations: Robinson Elementary

Trudy Tkach

Titles: Teacher Math Hs
Locations: Pasco High

Jordan Tobias

Titles: Game Worker
Locations: District Wide

Delia Tobon

Titles: Teacher Kindergarten Spanish
Locations: Chess Elementary

Joscelyn Tobon Chavez

Titles: Substitute Hourly Worker
Departments: Regional Service Corps

Celeste Todd

Titles: Teacher World Language
Locations: Reynolds Middle

Michelle Tolbert

Titles: Teacher Life Skills
Locations: Longfellow Elementary

Marco Toledo

Titles: Para Inst Bil (span)
Locations: Franklin Stem Elementary

Deandra Tolmie

Locations: District Wide

Antonia Tome

Titles: Para Inst Spec Svcs Rr
Locations: Angelou Elementary

Shelia Tomlinson

Titles: Teacher Gr 8 Math/Science
Locations: Ochoa Middle

Mary Tooley

Titles: Substitute Hourly Worker
Departments: Regional Service Corps

Darrell Toombs Iii

Titles: Student Intern
Locations: Booth Building

Maria Topete

Titles: 1st Helper
Locations: Nutrition Services