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Outcome 2

Success in Algebra

100% of students will pass Algebra by the end of 9th grade.


  • DEVELOP a strong early math foundation through partnerships with families, preschools, childcare providers, caregivers, and community organizations.
  • DELIVER state learning standards using materials and frameworks focused on vertical alignment.
  • PROVIDE timely intervention to accelerate student learning.
  • TRANSFORM student engagement and performance in math by facilitating teachers’ and leaders’ mastery of instructional practices and concepts.

About the Data

Recognizing all PSD students are unique, the accountability measures below group students in ways that align with how well PSD programs meet their specific needs such as moving to different schools or enrolling in our dual-language immersion program.   

Understanding mathematics up to the completion of Algebra gives students access to future careers and life options. The percentage of PSD students completing Algebra by the end of 9th grade is shown below as the baseline passage rate. The below measure also includes an indicator for student making growth in their math learning. For those students who have not completed Algebra, growth is also considered making “Successful Progress”.   

* Data is not shown for any student group below ten to protect student privacy. 

Assessment Descriptions: 

  • Passing Algebra by 9th Grade: First-year Algebra is offered at the middle schools and high schools. This measure indicates the percentage of students who have enrolled and received a full credit with a passing grade by the end of their 9th grade year.
  • Adequate STAR Growth: STAR is a nationally used reading exam given to K-12 students.  Most PSD students take this exam three times each year to monitor progress and help teachers design instruction to meet individual student needs. The number shown is the percentage of students exceeding the average growth of the national STAR assessment.  
  • WA-AIM is an alternative assessment to the SBA for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The specific success criteria for the assessment are determined by the student’s individual education plan (IEP) 
  • Successful Progress Rate: A student who passed Algebra or demonstrates more than a year of math growth over the previous year on STAR is considered making “Successful Progress”.   
  • Student Count: Indicates the total number of students in the specific group. Students will only appear in one of the above groups.