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Outcome 3

On Track for Graduation

100% of 9th graders will end the school year on track for graduation.


  • ENSURE mastery of priority standards in reading and math through partnerships with families, childcare providers, and community organizations starting prior to kindergarten.
  • ENGAGE students in a foundational experience aligned with the state learning standards using core materials and curriculum framework.
  • CREATE an early warning system and interventions to help students get on and stay on track.
  • CONNECT teachers, leaders, and staff to effective strategies and professional development for facilitating achievement for high school students.

About the Data

Recognizing all PSD students are unique, the accountability measures below group students in ways that align with how well PSD programs meet their specific needs such as moving to different schools or enrolling in our dual-language immersion program.   

Students who fail courses early in high school are less likely to graduate in four years. The percentage of PSD students completing six or more credits over their 9th Grade year is shown below as the baseline passage rate. Students who qualify to take the WA-AIM assessment also have modified graduation requirements. For those students who qualify to take the WA-AIM assessment, success on the assessment is also considered making “Successful Progress” toward graduation.   

* Data is not shown for any student group below ten to protect student privacy. 

Assessment Descriptions: 

  • 6.0 Credits at the end of 9th Grade: While Pasco students can complete 7.5 credits per year, 24 credits are required to graduate. The numbers show the percentage of students who have passed 12 courses (worth 6 credits) during their 9th Grade year. 
  • WA-AIM is an alternative assessment to the SBA for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The specific success criteria for the assessment are determined by the student’s individual education plan (IEP). 
  • Successful Progress Rate: A student who completes 6 or more credits or successfully passes their WA-AIM assessment is considered making “Successful Progress”.   
  • Student Count: Indicates the total number of students in the specific group. Students will only appear in one of the above groups.