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Outcome 4

Graduate with a Career Path

100% of students will graduate with a career path.


  • IMPLEMENT interest-based programs, personalized learning, timely feedback, and comprehensive High School and Beyond plans to support K-12 students to envision their successes.
  • DEVELOP a high school master schedule that is student-centered and creates pathways for meeting graduation requirements.
  • EXPAND partnerships with higher education institutions, community partners, and industry by aligning courses with current standards for industry and post-secondary degrees.

About the Data

Recognizing all PSD students are unique, the accountability measures below group students in ways that align with how well PSD programs meet their specific needs such as moving to different schools or enrolling in our dual-language immersion program.   

While PSD wants all students to learn and succeed to their maximum potential, we recognize that some circumstances make students take longer than four years to graduate. We celebrate all our graduates who leave PSD ready to take their next steps in life.   

* Data is not shown for any student group below ten to protect student privacy. 

Assessment Descriptions: 

  • Graduation: The number indicates the percentage of students meeting the state graduation requirements in either four or five years. 
  • Student Count: Indicates the total number of students in the specific group.  Students will only appear in one of the above groups.